Cantuccini are unmistakable traditional Tuscan biscuits. The careful choice of the finest raw materials and the steadfast passion of our master pastry chefs make these twice-baked delights better than ever! The ingredients are simple and selected with care. Only Italian flour, fresh eggs, fresh milk from the Maremma plain, a touch of honey combined with a shower of stone-ground almonds, plus a delicate hint of vanilla and citrus fruits, produce an excellent result that makes our cookies unique.

Sapori Dark chocolate chunks bisco 175g

Origin: Italy
Code: 8002590055417
Specification: 10 packs/carton
Shelf Life: 12 months

Sapori Crisp Almond Bisco Toscani 175g

Origin: Italy.
Code: 8000895003355
Specification: 10 packs/carton
Shelf Life: 18 months